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About Me

Hello Beauty,

I thought I'd be a millionaire by 23 in a real estate career. I couldn't conform in a 9 to 5 job in an office. Nor could I sustain my lifestyle and pay my bills when the market crashed in 2008.


I felt trapped, like if I was having a mid life crisis before 30. 


It turns out, there was so much more to learn, teach and so many places I'd be called to travel.


What I thought was my story of disaster turned into me becoming a master of my life. I now help others co+create a life better than imagined.


I'm fascinated with hearing people's stories and more so with teaching those that want to learn how to live an inspiring, authentic & intentional life.


My mission is to teach the unawakened masters to co+create a life better than imagined so that they can own their power, take action & pursue their dreams as Leaders in their life, family, communities and in the world by living authentically, & walking my talk.


Linda Xochitl Avalos is a Demartini Method® Facilitator, author of 21 Days of Gratitude, A Daily Journal to Live an Inspiring Life with  Your Angels, and coauthor of 365 Days of Angel Prayers, certified Angel Therapy® Practitioner, and a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA).  Linda also holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration in Finance from Cal State University, Los Angeles.  


Trained in the following capacity:

Coaching & Consulting: Gina Gomez, Thrive Academy, The Demartini Institute, Angel University, The Millionaire Mind Intensive

Transformational Leadership & Six Figure Speaker: Thrive Academy

Communication: WANT Institute by Dr. Pat Allen, PhD; Foster & Kinship Care Education Program by Saddleback College; Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) Mentor & Advocate for Foster Youth

Metaphysics: Sylvia Browne; The Demartini Institute, Doreen Virtue

The Demartini Institute: Human Behavior, Master Planning for Life, Demartini Method Facilitator®, Licensed Facilitator in the application of Values, Corporate Employee Communication & Engagement

Real Estate: Cal State University, Los Angeles, Chase Home Finance, Countrywide, Cushman & Wakefield, Mike Ferry Organization
Finance & Investing: Cal State University, Los Angeles; Rich Dad Poor Dad; Millionaire Mind Intensive
Credit (Fixing & Building): Countrywide


I love my life

I love who I am

I promise to never give up on myself

I believe there is enough of everything for everyone

I show up in life present & aware

I am grateful for all that I have now

I am consciously choosing what is best for me with ease

I approve & accept myself now and at all times

I connect to God/Source/Universe consistently

Shame, guilt, anger and all delusions are simply a reminder for me to align with my higher self

Pride, admiration and fantasies are reminders to neutralize my mental perceptions

I am not attached to my emotions, they are a reminder I am human. As they pass, I see clearly the lessons that help me grow.

Where there is tragedy, there is also fortune. 

Where there is bliss, there is also sorrow. I choose to see both sides as I steer my attention back to a middle ground leading me to unconditional love.

I have a purpose.

I am important.

I am safe, whole & complete.

All is working out for my highest good.

I am Linda Xochitl Avalos, co creator of my life. My life is better than I can imagine.

This is My Journey. This is My Story. ©

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