Gusten Sun

Elizabeth Wilson

"After attending Linda's workshop on

"Getting Over Your Ex", I felt so empowered and filled with peace I didn't shed a single tear for nearly 2 weeks. This was after months, and months of crying, and whollowing in a deep devastating depression over the ending of an 11 year volatile toxic relationship. The techniques she taught me showed me how I was continually "infatuating" this man and that the person I put on this pedistal never exsisted.The fact I didn't shed a tear in 2 weeks is concrete evidence something was beginning to change in me, an evolution of sorts. 

I am in the mere infancy of this amazing, practical, scientific based practice and only just begun my journey, and have felt peace for the first time in, quite literally years.

"I have been to countless therapists, psychiatrists; hypnotherapists to work on breaking free of this toxic relationship, and inevitably never gained any insight.

In 4 hours working with Linda, I was taught a simple, pragmatic way to see the truth of what I was doing... and why I couldn't seem to let go of the pain and guilt.

Please, please give Linda an opportunity to share her techniques so you too can feel that peace you long for and end the cycle of allowing abuse to disempower you and end your tolerance of others toxic behaviors.

It's a journey , but in summation : it was tantamount to a decade of intensive daily therapy in one lovely, intimate, safe and fun evening.

Thank you Linda!



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