Attention Mujeres that Are Ready to Feel Empowered,
​But Don't Know Where to Start...


“In 7 Easy Steps, I’ll Show You How to Kick Start Your Empowered Life and Maintain Control with Confidence”


When life is go, go, go we tend to grow anxious and frustrated. This tension just adds up and then we don't have massages booked, girl time planned nor downtime to even take a breather. 


"Go from Freaking Out to Freakin' Awesome!"

​You probably have heard it takes 21 days to Create a Habit, let’s face it… In reality it can take longer... Depending on how long you’ve been doing it, your age and your actual commitment to the change.

I see so many women claiming goals which are actually dreams because there are no action steps behind it! Then they feel worse off than when they started, because their dreams didn't come true.

OK Breathe! Just writing that made me freak out a little… There is HOPE! I am giving you an opportunity to do some self care! Actually scheduled!


I'm Ready now...

Personal Investment of $37




​After almost 15 years of working on my mindset, I have mastered the skills of empowering myself and making sure I don’t get stuck nor let other situations and/or people bring me down.

I am in control of my destiny and I want the same feeling for you!

Benefits for YOU:

      •  How to Get Right Back on Track when Life smacks you upside the head 

      •  Kiss Judgement Goodbye (from You, the worst critic) 

      •  Increase in Quality of Relationships (release triggers)

      •  New Paradigm Shifts (changes in perspectives)

      •  Extra Guidance in your life (from Archangels)
      •  Confidence How to Stand Your Ground... Making Sure NO ONE walks all over you

      •  Realistic Expectations & not getting upset when things "didn’t work out"

      •  7 Easy Steps to Take Control of All Areas of Your Life
      •  An Attractive & Comfortable Feeling in your Own Skin 

      •  Confidence to make your year BadA$$! 

      •  And More!

Personal investment of $37


​The following is included:

      •  A Snazzy Gratitude Playbook 2nd Edition (Value: $47)
      •  Living in Gratitude Guide, Daily! (Value: Priceless)

      •  Creating a positive habit that could last the rest of your life! (Value: Priceless)
      •  Daily Archangel Invocations for each area of your life (Value: Priceless)

      •  Access to FB Group, (Value: $97)

      •  Personal Affirmations you create(Value: Priceless) 
      •  "Me Time" (Value: Priceless & Irreplaceable) 

Value is over $400 and in reality, the love you give yourself is priceless. Invest in Yourself for $37 (less than a tank of gas). purchasing your guide today ...

"Go from Freaking Out to Freakin' Awesome!"


$37 Personal Invesment

Love & Affluence,

Linda Xochitl Avalos

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