"Get Over My Ex" Discovery Call

This discovery call is where I can troubleshoot your current situation by asking you laser focused questions. I get a glimpse of where you are in your healing process, where you've been trying to go and to gauge our connection. We'll know if we both perceive we can work together and I can help you get there. 

It's also a chance for me to assess if you're the right fit for the program or a 1-on-1 setting and whether or not, you could be one of my new dream clients, I want to make sure you get results from working with me.

The discovery call is not a free coaching session. Do not apply if you're not serious about healing and creating different results. 

It is 30 minutes via Zoom. Please select in your application if you'd prefer the call to be just audio.

Let's get you back on track to your Juicy Fulfilling life! 💖💯🔥

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