Attention Teens:

Struggling with School? Parents? Feeling Angry? and Ready to Give Up?

... "there's got to be more than this to my life!"

Are you a teenage girl or young woman that feels like:

Door with check mark

My parents don't understand me

Door with check mark

I wish someone would listen to me

Door with check mark
Door with check mark

Sometimes I feel like running away

I have secrets that would surprise and shock my parents

Door with check mark

I have big dreams ... who knows if they'll come true

If you are like me when I was a teenager you are looking forward to the second you can move out, be on your own and call your own shots.

Feeling like you can only do so much really sucks and I know there are a million things I did and didn't do that helped me and also hurt me. I don't want the same things to happen to you...

Before you go out and try it on your own and think it's all glamour and fame, I want to go over 3 Major Things I wish I knew when I was younger...

I wish I could explain it all in this site but... I'd rather you hear it from me in a video I created for you...

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3 Simple Things I wish I knew when I was your age... 

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Whether you're in Junior High, High School, in college, figuring out your next step or traveling the world, you will want to know what's in Store for you in the real world. You will need support along the way, an open mind to hear your perspective on things and not judge everything you say and also an open heart to love you through the times life just seems shitty.

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