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I want to introduce you to Linda Xochitl Avalos.

I started working with Linda/Xochitl because I was struggling with ___________ (problem) for quite some time and nothing I tried was helping me. I’ve gotten ___________ (specific results). I thought of you, because I see you as __________ (acknowledgment) and you’ve also mentioned that you, too, have struggled with

_______ (problem).

Linda is a human behavior expert, inspirational speaker & consultant who specializes in empowering women in all areas of life. She’s been studying and mentoring people for over 15 years. But most of all Linda has a huge heart and loves empowering women. She is the real deal: authentic & walks her talk.

Linda is quite booked, but has offered to give you a free consultation. If you’re still interested in _______ (result) then I recommend  applying for a consultation here: . Her website is  And her Google Business page with reviews is accessed through this link: Google. I also copied her on this email so you can respond to her this way as well.

I recommend you apply for a consultation right away, because her schedule fills up fast.

Let me know if you have any questions,


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FYI I​ just sent you an email that I don't want you to miss. 

Hi :) check out @Linda.Xochitl.Avalos on Instagram. I just worked w/her privately and she's got some great info. Her website is I also sent you an email with more info.


I just came across this woman who empowers other women. I thought of you because I know -------- (give specific reason). Her website is I also sent you an email with more info.

(your name)


Q. How do I get my $100 Voucher?

A. Once your friend/family has filled out the application, given your name down as the source of referral, and has booked, paid & attended the workshop, you will receive a $100 Voucher to the email I have on file for you. 

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