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Read To Write... My Memoir Process

I started writing my memoir before I knew the definition of a memoir, before I even knew how many words a memoir contains. I just wanted to tell my story. I wanted to share my journey of how I forgave my mother. I can't explain the why, it's like an inner calling to my soul. This is what needs to be done in my life. One of the many things in this lifetime. Sure I can go on my life without writing it, however, as an avid book reader, I know the power a book can have on someone. My goal is to help whomever reads this book. May it give them hope for having an actual authentic relationship with his/her mother. It is possible. It will be challenging. It will be a roller coaster and it will take time. Our precious commodity, valuable time. As I write that I realize that I started writing my memoir at least 7 years ago, maybe longer.

I had the idea when I was in my 20's and I'm now in my early 40's. As I am now taking writing and publishing this book (and the other 7 I've started) seriously, I have questions. I don't like just doing things impulsively anymore, maybe it's age or maybe it's experiences, and this is near and dear to my heart. And since I'm intentional with most of what I do, my brain won't allow me to just brain dump this story. I can see now the benefits of writing just to write and writing when I was younger. It probably would have already been written. Anywho, present day, I want and desire very much to research what the heck I'm doing! I can't just write, as a recovering perfectionist.

I am now taking writing workshops, and today started reading a book my writing mentor (oh yes I have one of those too) luckily and to my benefit has a book on the important questions on writing a memoir. An example: how can I be transparent in my writing and tell my story and not hurt my family's feelings? So here we go... My goal is to have this book/memoir written and published or at least close to published by the end of this year, 2022. (gulp and eek as I just wrote that because now it's in writing). It might seem counterproductive to read a book to write a book, knowing this could take longer to get the book in the hands of an audience.

My brain is still wrapping myself around this logic. Probably why I wanted to write this blog. Stay tuned, my intention is to write about my writing my book process... ha ha. Let's see how this goes. Stay Tuned.

Here I am with my dear friend & writing mentor, Cameron Briscoe.