"Now my life is sweet like cinnamon. Like a f* dream I'm living in"

"Now my life is sweet like cinnamon. Like a fucking dream I'm living in" is a quote from Lana Del Rey's song, Radio.

If you aren't saying this to yourself or in Lana's case, singing it, then what are you doing?

Why? For what reason(s)? What is stopping you from having a life that is like a dream, that tastes like cinnamon or honey or stevia, whatever you use in your yerba mate tea?

I just turned 40 and guess what I am not anywhere that I thought I would be at this age. I thought about 45 and just that I would own a jaguar. ha ha. I figured I'd already have kids and be married and whatnot. I don't have children yet and I haven't been married ever, legally. If you don't count how many times I've attached to a man physiologically.

I used to get people that would ask constantly "why are you single?" and at the beginning I didn't know what to say. Like if you're just as confused as they are then how the f* should I know?! duh! ha ha

Now I know why I haven't been married or had kids. I didn't want to! I chose to be single. I have chosen uninterrupted naps, paying thousands of dollars investing in myself in many areas of life, traveling, first kisses that have me wondering if this will be my last one. My life is a f* dream!

My mentor has an affirmation, "my vocation is my vacation". I have adopted this into my life. I have co created a life that I absolutely love. Sure, it's not perfect and there are still many goals I want to accomplish, AND I still wake up without anxiety and live inspired. Not to say that if I was married and had children I wouldn't, I have just chosen a different path up until now.

I want to feel accomplished in my life before I marry and have children. Since I love to wait to the last minute to do things #ClassicProcrastinator, here I am. I have procrastinated because it wasn't my #1 goal. I put all these things in front of that, hence my business, learning, traveling, and the like. It isn't right nor wrong. It is just My Journey. My Story.©

I help single women get over their ex and find pleasure without the emotional rollercoaster in months. It took me a while to figure my specialty in business because I was too busy going through breakups to even show up 100% in my business. My pain has turned into a pleasure of helping other single women going through this heartache.

I have found pleasure in life whether I'm not or I am in a relationship. I am in a relationship. I have been this whole time. It's just been in a different form than "marriage". That's the beauty of energy, it just changes form.

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