Can We Really Trust Ourselves?


I was having doubts in my life, as a normal human being. I remembered a woman I admire saying she would go to a Trapeze class often. It helps one get out of overanalyzing. A few days after this memory, I noticed a special deal for a Trapeze class online.... Could this be a sign? (I thought to myself)...


It was affordable, so I signed up!

I arrived barely on time and as I was putting on all these contraptions around my body, I realized the instructor was already going through the steps while on the trapeze! This all happened within the first five minutes of being there! I was nervous. At this point my SUPER analytical side came out and I asked the instructor to go over the steps once again.

Mind you, this is my first time doing this and they just say something to the following effect:

"You will get on the bar, put your feet up on the bar, release your hands, put them back on, take your feet off the bar, and then let your hands go as you gravitate onto the net."

HA HA ... uhmmm .... Yeah, I asked for a third explanation. Oh no, the instructor said, "your body will just do it, don't think about it too much."

Thank Goodness I was not the first person to go on the trapeze. So I have to clasp the harness on my body to some other straps hanging from who knows where, put some chalk on my hands (to make sure I can grasp the trapeze bar), climb up this TALL ladder, and that's before I get to the Trapeze!

Ok so up I go, I am beginning to feel a bit nauseous. It seems that the higher I go, the more dizzy and faint I am feeling. I am thinking to myself... what in the world am I doing?!? It's very similar to when you are going on a big roller coaster for your first time; and a feeling of "I don't know if I can handle this, or did I bite off more than I can chew?"

As I get to the top, I actually feel physically weak! I really want to pass out now. I remember words of advice to say how I feel three times. "I am scared, I am scared, I am scared". Then right after I said "I am safe. I am safe. I am safe." Miraculously, I wasn't as scared and no longer felt the need to faint.  ALLELUIA!

I got ready and held on for my dear life!! literally! As the helper let go of my harness, and I jumped into the air holding on to only the trapeze bar, I felt numb.

The instructor on earth (ha) tells me how to maneuver my body: "legs up! Hands down! Hands up, Legs down! Release!" It is the only thing I could hear while transcending amidst the air.

I really had to trust this net was going to catch me as I was suspended between gravity, the air and earth, I realized that I had let go. Let go of expectations, I trusted! Trusted Universe would provide in some way, shape or form.  And as I landed gracefully on the net, I laid still for a few seconds to let my soul reconnect with my body. I could not stop shaking. I couldn't believe my body just did some crazy moves it had never done before.

It really was amazing that not going over the steps again and again would help me. I would have been in my head too much.

Sometimes in life, we feel there is no net in life to catch us, that if we are too scared, faint, nauseous, or whatever your ego & body tells you, we can just back out. That is true! You can back out!      ...


Life is too short to be scared, to wonder if your life would be different had you done X, Y, and Z.  Live Today, for tomorrow is not promised and today is a PRESENT.

Stay tuned for my next adventure .... Surfing! yes, this seems scary to me!

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