To all My Sensitive People

Updated: Oct 11, 2018

We started this week in a FULL MOON! This magnifies our emotions! Be gentle with yourself. If you have felt more emotional, felt like crying, taken things more personally...You don't have to join this club, You are in it! This includes me! It is also good to let things out! Cry if you need! Release, Release, Release! By Being gentle with yourself I mean Take a Time OUT

HOW you ask? (read below)

  • Take a sea salt bath (I even light candles, add essential oils & rose petals, if I have them)

  • go for a walk

  • Journal

  • Exercise (yoga, kickboxing is great if you have pent up anger, running, etc.)

  • take a nap

  • Only talk to and hang out with people of the same vibration or higher! This is so you won't get caught up in the drama and you are simply allowed to let go in a safe space that which isn't serving you.

  • CRY, CRY, CRY!!! LET IT OUT! Why do you want to keep it in?! Just CRY! Sob if needed. (This is to release, once it is gone, don't make this a lifestyle for yourself) Remember* All in moderation

  • Bring out your CRYSTALS! This is the main reason they are there. They will absorb the lower energies. (Remember to clear them)

  • Cook

  • Clean (for my Virgo's & Rising sign Virgo's)

  • Take a Mini Vacay or Staycation

  • Watch Movies that will make you LAUGH & Inspire you. Some of my favorite things to watch are Friend's episodes, Original Kings of Comedy, Last Holiday, Katt Williams (Pimp one). There are more but you get the idea.

  • Start a collage

  • Start a vision board

  • Start on your scrapbooking project You always said you would do

  • Start out on your Christmas card list or whatever holiday is coming up (when you read this)

  • Come to one of my workshops!

  • Read

  • Eat something decadent! Indulge! but "Don't get crazy!"

  • Take pictures of your family, children, parents, yourself (Like you did when you were a teenager-> and if you never did that: THERE'S NO TIME LIKE THE PRESENT)

  • DANCE! "I like to move it, move it" (Madagascar Theme song)

Ok so I think you get my point! I'm even inspired, so I'll maybe do a video about this... ha ha! SO let's go, why are you waiting?! You are so loved by your angels and by your Creator/God/dess/Universe. Love yourself! There is only one of you, so think about how important that makes you!!!

Signing off

AND Remember.... If opportunity doesn't knock:

  1. Build a Door

  2. Open the Door

  3. Walk through it or RUN through it!

*Sending You Angels*

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