Choosing Peace

Updated: Oct 6, 2018

Working late again and of course sifting through junk mail this evening. I was minding my business in my kitchen. I heard my neighbors come home and realized they took a long time to get into the driveway. Well not even 10 minutes later I hear another car coming out and really rushing out, when all of a sudden I hear a hard Crash and a SHATTER! From one of MY Windows! Of course I get up and check to see first if: Someone through a brick through the window (although that is highly unlikely) and 2nd Make sure I get the license plate of whoever was driving!!! HA

You can see by the picture that it is a pretty Big glass, measuring about 4 x 3.5 feet. I have definitely had a week with these odd things going on. I am grateful that I was NOT the driver. I felt bad because I know how it feels to be the culprit of an accident and then feel at the pit of your stomach that you now have to suffer the consequences, in this case, probably a higher insurance bill.

Since I really do my best to see the Silver Lining/the brighter side of things/be positive, I began to thank God for the following:

  1. The window that shattered was not the one that was less than 6 inches away from where I was working in the kitchen (See pic)

  2. I was not the driver of the car!

  3. That NO ONE was hurt.

I don’t know why when the Universe tests your patience, among other virtues, it all happens in one week, or one day! I do know that WE, me and YOU, have a choice to how we react. Certiainly I am the first to admit I call on my angels to help me calm down, see the lessons, & help me get through my challenging days. I could have gotten upset and screamed at the driver. I could have yelled at the Universe when my car decided to take a break from running this week when I had to tow it, while the battery in my phone was dying. I could have chosen to be angry, jealous, hurt, upset for so many things… BUT for what? Who does that serve? Definitely not me!


Even when I want to pout like a 4 year old and throw a temper tantrum, really? I would probably feel more embarrassed. Choose the way you react next time life seems to blow up in your face, or throws you a curve ball, or a card that you weren’t expecting to have been dealt. Things could have always gone worse. Be grateful for your lessons as we are all here to learn from our experiences. You might want to learn your lessons well, so you don’t have to go through them again! (including me)

I send Archangel Jeremiel to help you review your life to help you get rid of any habits that do not serve you, and Lots of Love!

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