5 Steps to Stop & Reverse Overwhelm

Updated: Oct 5, 2018

SO I've had a rough day, more like a few rough moments in the past month! BUT who hasn't. Between reading T. Harv Eker's, Secrets of a Millionaire Mind, not complaining and TRUSTING God, Universe and my angels that Everything happens for a reason and in Divine Timing.... I have emotional moments.

I was talking to a prospective client today and I came up with a simple:


There are times in our daily lives where we feel so rushed, stressed, and disconnected that we are literally inviting more negative energy into our world. The following is the quickest way to actually stop this downward spiral pattern so that you can get back to a higher energy and complete your daily tasks without ... going crazy... I mean easily & effortlessly. :)

  1. STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING! (take a moment to reset)

  2. If you are driving, pull over!

  3. If you are with others, excuse yourself & find a quiet place... YES, even if it's the bathroom!

  4. BREATHE DEEPLY (Get your mind & body into the present)

  5. Speak out loud what you see, & feel NOW

  6. I see a blue car

  7. I feel the steering wheel.

  8. Keep breathing deeply 3 to 10 times.

  9. By this time your mind has taken over your future and you are only focusing on negativity so CHANGE THAT CHANNEL and TUNE INTO DIVINITY!

  10. CALL ON YOUR ANGELS (Keep breathing deeply so they can connect)

  11. Because we have free will, the angels can only intervene in emergency situations, thus, ASK!

  12. Clearly state: "Angels give me clear signs that you are with me right now; and/or guide me to the next step."

  13. Keep breathing deeply and be open to receiving signs NOW!

  14. **ANGELS that are good to call on when stressed & overwhelmed:

  15. Archangel Michael "Please cut any chords to situations and to people that do not serve me a purpose any longer"

  16. Archangel Raphael "Please heal me in mind, body and spirit"

  17. Archangel Jophiel "Please beautify my thoughts"

  18. IF YOU ARE STILL OVERWHELMED (Keep breathing deeply. YES, they are still working on you)

  19. List 10 things for which you are REALLY Grateful!

  20. My car, job, a home, a place to live, the money I do have in my bank account, the money that is coming to me, my family, my children, my hands, my feet, my capability to hear, to see, to feel, to be ALIVE, etc.... C'mon work with me here! ;)

  21. Be Clear & Honest with your list! (see examples above)

  22. FEEL the LOVE for that which you are grateful! REALLY!

  23. SMILE


  25. Please if you have not done so by now, separate yourself from everyone & anyone as you are now what I call an "Energy Sucking Vampire"

  26. Volunteer where there are people, less fortunate than YOUR situation! and help those less fortunate. THIS helps you realize there REALLY are others in a situation worse than YOU!

START OVER if needed! Cutting corners only cheats you, your capability to REALLY shine, and get back to YOUR Magnificent SELF!

You are going through this difficult time because this is a lesson! This is an opportunity for growth. I know it seems hard but it's what you do NOW, in these moments, that Define who you really are!

SO WHO DO YOU WANT TO BE? ... Signing off for now... <3 <3 Sending you Love & Angels.

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