Animals, Birds & Butterflies

"You are not alone. I am here with you. So we're far apart. Always in my heart". (Michael Jackson)

Those words come to me as I have been pondering on my walks on the beach in the morning. I live and spend a lot of time at the beach, as I should! A few days ago, I was riding my bicycle, minding my own business and I just couldn't help notice a HUGE bird that was just towering over a trash can.

As I rode away, I couldn't help thinking how ENORMOUS that black bird was. I know there are seagulls and many birds of the sea, but this was not one I had seen often, or before. Maybe it was a Raven, they look like Crows but are much bigger.

Late last week I saw what looked like a hawk as I was driving. I have noticed as well many butterflies as I am riding my bicycle or walking. I saw a beautiful Monarch butterfly. Typically I see the orange butterflies.  Then today I saw a red bird flying here and there in front of my car as I drove for about half a mile. ... So what are all these animals, birds, butterflies doing in my life?

These are your angels, your guides, your Creator showing you so many things!

1. Take a moment to notice something outside of your daily life!

2. These living creatures have messages for you! Ask them intuitively what is their message.


Here on earth, life can be yucky at times and there are challenges we, as people, face on a day to day basis. This allows us to forget how much our Creator/Universe/Goddess loves us... YOU! ME!

These creatures are messengers, they are like our angels, they send us blessings, LOVE, support and they also act as a guide for our next steps. So next time you are outside, take note of even a ladybug!

And see if your Life, even for a Still Moment does not feel at ease. Relax in knowing you do have a support system in Heaven Loving you and Surrounding you with all YOU NEED!

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