Ask, Trust & Expect... Part I

How to Manifest.... I began manifesting since before I knew what exactly it was. I remember being a child and wishing for certain things to happen... I mean REALLY wishing and praying and hoping and dreaming and saying things like: ok I will pray every night and share with my little brother all the time if I can just have this one Barbie or game or whatever I wanted for Christmas! Lol. I Know! Like I Know that I am not only one who would do this.

And now in my 30's I haven't mastered the art of bringing everything that I want into fruition, but I am definitely living an AMAZING life. One that I have co-created with my Creator, God, Universe/Goddess/Your fancy.

And this is for a couple reasons. One being that I don't really want what I think I want. For example, I've wanted to marry a man that I was dating or my boyfriend. Then, years later or months, I find out he's a loser or in better terms he has issues I do not want to bring into my life. He could have never followed his dreams oright have been close minded. Whatever the case, he was meant to be with someone else.

Second: what I think I want is not really what is meant for me to have. Have you ever thought .... what you are thinking isn't big enough? Or how the outcome is unforeseen and could've been the worst decision ever?!  I have now learned and realized that what I wish for & does not come through, is NOT meant to be for me. This goes for jobs, dating, trips and more. Instead of getting upset if I just trust and put my faith in knowing their is something better, a better outcome than I could even imagine, it DOES come.

...stay tuned.

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