Letting Go.... Allowing Blessings to Come Hither!

I will do my best to stay on the earthbound dimension as I allow my fingers to channel my messages. Please bear with me if I get too deep, which can happen. Make no mistake, you are meant to read this NOW, regardless of the date.

On my spiritual path this has been one of the most interesting lessons I have learned. The Universe likes to make sure I still remember how to let go.

About 8 days ago, I misplaced my wallet containing obviously important cards, cash, a gift card and my favorite red lipstick! ha I do not know which I miss more! Not only did this happen a day before rent was due but it also contained a portion which I was going to use for the rent.

Just to give you some history on what I have been working on lately: I have been reading more consistently on Abundance, meditating more than I ever have in my life, reminding myself that GOD is my supply, so I know that LACK of money was NOT why I manifested this. I cannot help but to KNOW that misplacing my wallet/money bag is a Lesson! I did manifest this happening to me, but because exactly the reason that I AM working on my beliefs about money! On some level, I am stirring up the energetic beliefs I have about money.

When I realized I was missing it, I thought to myself "OH NO! NOT NOW Fairies! This isn't funny!" I did my usual steps: try not to freak out, retrace my steps and go on about my evening. OF course, it had been almost 10 hours since I had remembered seeing it in my purse. :(

I will not drag on the story of looking for the purse too long...I still have not found it. Remember "it's the journey, not the destination" (I don't remember author). My journey of searching for the purse has semi-ceased. I have called on my angels, Santa Clara, St. Anthony, fairies, and GOD! It took me 3 days to stop beating myself up! I would just get mad at myself for not remembering to make sure I had it during the course of that day. Being human, I got very upset and complained about NOT wanting another lesson. I was frustrated, upset! and mad at the world. I didn't feel violated, no not yet; no one had tried using my credit cards.

No one has attempted to use my credit cards, even over a week later. It wasn't until the 3rd evening that I finally gave into my higher self. I knew I had been beating myself up WAY too much and needed a break. I was exhausted of thinking, of wanting it back, worrying and freaking out! I was tired of beating myself up! "I love myself!" I remembered.

So I took an evening off. A time out, if you will. I ceased the search, went to my bedroom, called on Archangel Michael to cut any cords of fear related to money and this wallet/purse. I then watched TV until I didn't think about my missing purse until HOURS later! WOOO HOOO!

The next morning, I realized, I don't need those stupid cards! Ok so my credit cards were gone. I could go to the bank, order replacements and buy a new red lipstick, if needed. Why was I SOOO fixated on the damn wallet?! Now I couldn't believe I was making such a big deal and I let it get to me!

Mind you, I definitely know my purse/wallet will be coming out sooner or later. After all I had manifested miracles with items I had lost MANY, many times! It's as if my wallet was taken into a different dimension. It's definitely not on earth. I'm sticking to this story! If it's meant for me to have the wallet back, hey I might have some extra cash later! If it's not meant to be, I trust that something better is coming my way! ...

The day after I let go, cash came my way in unexpected ways! I actually earned more money that I had in my wallet, covering my rent with ease!

Before I finish this post, another quick example of how Letting Go works: I have had many experiences of wondering and worrying, a little bit (not going to lie) where I would be receiving income in the near future, and wouldn't you know, in the next hour, I received an email letting me know I had a new client the next day! HA!

Right when you think you are going to lose it, if you wait just even HALF a SECOND, wait for it.... you will see how the Universe/God/Goddess/Life supports you and wants to help you. When one resists, that is when we block things.

Call on your Angels today regardless of your situation! To let go of fear, jealousy, hurt, pain, anger, all negative energy that You are carrying or that is surrounding you! Ask your angels for THREE signs so you know they are there.

Your angels visit you at least 100 times a day!!!! Acknowledge them and you will see miracles happen before your eyes!

I send you many Money Angels and Lots of Love!

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