Updated: Oct 6, 2018

A dear friend of mine, Nancy Alcorn, you can find her blog HERE, has sent me a question for feedback that my angels want me to share with you:

Xochi-What are you getting, if anything, from your sources [regarding] the radiation coming out of Japan? The government has nothing to say "officially" but that does not mean anything as the source is still cranking it out. It has not been capped and will eventually make its way to the good ol US of A. Then what?

My Response

Regarding Japan, Well I do not really watch the news and sometimes do not know exactly what is going on, such is the case in this matter. However, just by reading it from you in this email, this is what I receive from the Angels:

It is best not to focus on the negativity of what has not happened. That which is not present, Does NOT exist. Let us instead focus our energy by sending LOVE, and Healing. Let us picture all of Japan and surrounding areas with the White Light of the Holy Spirit and as we see it in a bubble, see the negativity (radiation) captured by the angels, many, many angels and they take this negativity into a LARGE, LARGE BUCKET. This will be taken up to where energy is transmuted, recycled into positive energy once again! We ask God to protect us with the White light of the Holy Spirit and remove from our Minds, fear, which is only an illusion. Only Love exists! Only Love!

<3 Angels & Archangels <3

I definitely feel that there are many workers on the other side working on this. I also feel that there is a reason behind all of this. There usually is... I am getting something with government. People and many changes. Also, this is a radical shift now that 2012 is here! Let us give thanks. When people do not rise above to their spirituality, this year especially, the shift happens. We can choose if we want it in a harmonious way or with a gentle push from the Universe!

Ask God and the Angels to illuminate your path to the highest good of all and to help you if you need to shift at all! <3 <3

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