How to Manage Your Emotions During a Full Moon

Listening to My Body

I was feeling SUPER emotional last night, perhaps it's because the #FullMoon is today, so I went to bed at a ridiculously early hour for me at least, 7:45! I laid in bed and doodled on my phone til about 8:30 pm. I wasn't feeling happy and didn't want to take my energy and funk out on anyone else. I fell asleep, woke up at 9:51 pm, fell asleep again, woke up at 1:01 AM and then couldn't sleep until about 3 am.

I usually check my calendar the night before just to review my day and any appointments I have. Making sure I am awake on time to get ready, etc. Well I didn't do that and I woke up at 8:50 am and looked at my calendar realizing that I had missed an 8 am appointment, not a big deal. I went anyway and then realized, I really didn't want this, so I left.

Once I checked in with my body I realized there was a reason I didn't wake up. I knew this appt. was coming, but didn't take action to remind myself. I recently heard some motivational speech or email or article that said if you're not a "HELL YES" then don't do it. Well I wasn't a HELL yes, or in my case a HEAVEN'S YES!

Road Rage

I stopped at Sprouts to purchase some produce. I'm on my way home, as I was about to make a left turn onto my street a small hatchbacky looking car decided to get in my lane. While getting in my lane I flash my lights to let him know HI, you're in my lane, please move. He proceeds to flip me off and yell some obscenity. Well I will admit my body did some reactive move that might have mirrored his actions. (don't judge me until you've driven in SoCal!) As I was pulling into my driveway, I swear this driver just passed my street! Holy CRAP! I talked to a neighbor and she asked if he was following me and I told her "I think so." I chose not to follow him and get his license plate because he didn't see where I live and I didn't want to continue this energy.

I am a firm believer that everything that happens is because we're constantly manifesting and co+creating our lives. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, which I will refer to "The Good, Not so Good and the Not So Pretty." I realized that my energy was still putting some not so great stuff out and I had manifested this driver and I wasn't going to go into fear mode. I simply need to figure out what the heck am I holding onto. For what reason am I angry? What is right about this situation? (#AccessConsciousness) Is this my energy or someone else's? I did my White Light of the Holy Spirit Prayer and then continued to realize that this Full Moon is definitely showing me what I can work on and gave thanks for the lessons.


I started #juicing finally. When I'm done I like to put some of my citrus peels outside in my garden. I had just juiced 2 grapefruits, Tumeric, and Ginger (yes it was delicious). I was tending to my garden and feeling grateful that my poinsettias are still rockin' and my tomato plant survived my CA winter (lol). I consider myself a somewhat adventurous outdoorsy person, nothing too crazy. Yesterday, while running up and down the stairs at the beach, I had seen a lizard, and a big black with red middle spider, and it was no big deal, I said "hello, I won't mess with you so don't mess with me," smile and carried along with my exercise.  Well, as I was walking back inside my house today I saw a lizard that was about 8 to 10 inches long. However, this time for whatever reason, I just let out this  "AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! JESUS CHRIST!"  like if I was 5 years old! Maybe not a 5 year old would refer to JC but I did. It's not like the lizard was going to jump up on me or was running towards me. Then I just paused and started laughing at myself... I guess I need to be scared into laughter? I don't ever scream because I'm scared. This is why I am still laughing.

It's interesting because when I pulled cards for this year, one month per year, the snake card came out. Lizards are like snakes right?

In my #PowerAnimal #OracleCard Deck, the #Lizard signifies #dreamtime "There's a place underneath the conscious mind, below the instinctual self, where one's usual identity is dissolved and you are pure witness, observing your experience from a completely detached perspective. This place is called the dreamtime, where all apparent boundaries between self and others disappear. What remains is unadulterated awareness, specific to you, yet at the same time expanded into the boundless universe.

  "In this place that is at the very core of your experience, you also profoundly comprehend that yo're simultaneously a body and something much greater than merely a body. The dreamtime is a place where there's no sense of boundaries between your body and surroundings. In this mystical, surreal state of pure experience, you're always guided and protected by the wise and ageless inspiration of Spirit. Your dreams and visions are the window into this absolute reality, so watch your dreams closely and pay attention to your visions. They will always guide you and lead you, but most especially at this time. "

Right after I opened my door, a #Moth decided to fall in front of me... Moth's aren't in my book... I thought it was dead, but when I went back outside to take a picture of the Lizard, which by the way seemed to waiting for me to take it because it had moved and it was now Posing, the moth was actually flying again. and trying to get in my house!

Now I'm getting ready to do a #FullMoon Ceremony with a close friend and one of the girls I am mentoring. Super excited for the lessons and happy for laughter.

Taking inventory on what is going on. 

Call To Action

Asking for Reinforcements and Support

  1. #ArchangelJeremiel: to take inventory of what is serving and what is not

  2. #ArchangelMichael: to cut chords of fear and to people, places & situations that don't serve me

  3. #ArchangelRaphael: to heal

  4. #ArchangelJophiel: to beautify my thoughts

... And it's only 1:11 ;) #AngelNumbers 

Ms. Xochi is a Motivational Speaker, Mentor & Spiritual Life Coach, holding certifications by Dr. Doreen Virtue, and a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration having over 12 years of experience in the Real Estate & corporate industry. She practices and studies the metaphysical and spiritual for over 15 years now and continues helping hundreds receive clarity, guidance and direction. Ms. Xochi was recently interviewed on the national broadcasting network Telemundo for her Mediumship skills. Ms. Xochi's practice consists of helping young women & teen girls who are struggling in relationships with parents, teachers & themselves. They need help getting back on the positive track. She teaches skills to find clarity & direction, feeling confident & in control of their emotions so they can handle ANY situation.

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