Insanity is Knocking at the Door

The bills that I need to make sure are paid, make sure I am prepared for my workshop, people I didn't call, people who haven't called me back, the emails I haven't responded to yet, the list goes on and on. I feel crazy being pulled in so many directions. Knowing that I have taken on way too much as far as responsibilities are concerned....that's what mny emotions say. While my type A personality and OCD perfectionist inside me cheers me on and knows I can handle so much more. Meanwhile, my angels are telling me to relax, trust that everything is happening in Divine Timing and to balance my life by taking a nice ride on my bike on the beach. I don't know what you would do ... I opted for the beach bike cruise.

When I feel the breeze on my face caressing my hair, inhaling the abundant air God has supplied, being grateful for this moment in time & space, I am able to clear out the drama my mind loves to create. How many times do we as humans, love to stay in this stress? Yes we have things to do, people to call, places to go, but what about you? Who takes care of you? Who makes sure you are supported, eat enough vegetables, drink enough water, play outside, and who reminds you that nothing is are perfect just the way you are now! The Bruno Mars song plays in my head.

Action Steps

The moment your body feels tired, it's talking to you! When you need a nap, take a 5 minute snoozer, you will feel better! When you are stressed, STEP AWAY FROM YOUR LIFE! And by this I mean, change up your routine, go for a walk, stand up & stretch, call a loved one... breathe.

There are so many choices in one day and we are so good at beating ourselves up over the smallest things. Life doesn't need to feel so overwhelming. You are doing the best you can and give yourself a high five for being where you are. Don't look at what you haven't accomplished, notice how far you've come. So what if it's not perfect or the way you planned. What's important is you are alive. You had the experience(s). Rejoice! You got another day to live to try again maybe, more time ~ to tell the people you love how you feel.

I am still on my beach cruise (taking a moment to write this) I felt compelled to share my thoughts with you and this picture.

I'm not even done taking my break, more like celebrating my life (I don't always wait for my bday), and I received news that a few things I was worried about have worked themselves out already. All I needed to do was step away from my routine. Can you do the same? Don't do the same things over and over again in the same way, expecting different results....that's the definition of insanity. Trust everything will work out in the best possible situation for everyone involved.

Sending angels.

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