When Was The Last Time You Felt Like A Child Having Fun?

Updated: Oct 5, 2018

When was the last time you had fun? Lived carefree? and played in the sand? or enjoyed something you did when you were a child? ..... WHY HAS IT BEEN SO LONG???

I'm at a park recently, it's the beginning of summer. My nine year old cousin asks me if we can stay at the park so she can play on the swings. I thought the answer would be NO right away. Still contemplating the question and everything I had planned to do, I thought a few minutes wouldn't hurt.

As she ran off, I found myself thinking what am I going to do?? It then hit me! My inner child really began nudging me.... "let's get on the swing!" HA HA HAHA my adult self laughed. I couldn't possibly want to get on a swing. Then something happened. My inner child really dug down deep and triggered memories that I hadn't thought of in years!

Just thinking of how much I use to LOVE the swings! I remembered that the minute I would set foot at the park, I would BOLT to the swing to make sure I had one! I remembered at a family event when I was probably 11, I sent a cousin of mine to run and grab me a swing so that by the time I got there, I wouldn't have to wait until someone was done. Oh yeah! I was a Queen of Swings! oh wait I still am. ha ha

The feeling of being a child, of finding the JOY in something so simple as swinging in a playground, was something I forgot. and it really did bring tears to my eyes. Had I, me, crossed the into the world of being an adult?!!!? So serious and BORING?!!! ahhh!!! Forgetting what it felt like to play? To run around and live carefree? To feel the breeze in my hair and on my face? To feel as if I am flying everytime the swing goes forward?

OH NO!!! I was an adult! It hit me! I had to be reminded, by my inner child, what it felt like to have fun at the park! HOW SAD!!!  and what was even MORE sad, it took me a LONG time to remember when the last time I was on a swing.... It was 10 years ago!!! a WHOLE DECADE without swings! No wonder I had a hard time finding my happiness! There hadn't been playgrounds in my life! Me.... 10 years ago....

Being an adult with or without children, doesn't mean you have to live life so seriously, so I have remembered. I have been on the swings a few more times since then. I stop and smell the flowers more often. I have done some cartwheels too!


Find some time today, this week, to allow your inner child take over your body and enjoy something you haven't in over 10, 20, 30, 50 years, or more! Love yourself to every extent and KNOW that you deserve this LAUGHTER and FUN! I send you many angels! and fairies to help you get out of the serious mode!

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