#1 Thing That Would Scare Me

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

Just got back from an intensive (to say the least) course about Cosmology & Cosmogony. The Origin & Structure of ... the Universe.

It wasn't until the 3rd day that I realized that the 1 thing I freaked out about the most in life, was that question, the unknown (to me) of the universe, and what happens in space. It has never been death nor speaking publicly (ha ha, have you met met?!)

...It was the Universe. To be able to have learned about the history this human race has come up with and evolution from the perspectives of religions & sciences that we have come up with, is intriguing. The Big Bang Theory, whether we live in an infinite world or whether there was a beginning and there will be an end... All of what I learned in the last week was intense, and expanded my mind to a level of humility and gratitude.

In my perception, we are infinite human beings evolving to have infinite number of experiences to Love.

Questions to Ponder and Ask

  • Do you believe there was a beginning and there will be an end?

  • Do you believe time is somethings humans need to live here on Earth?

  • Do you believe we are part of an infinite universe that keeps evolving?

They say it's not good to talk about Religion and Science and I'm putting them out there ... together! So I know there will be so many disagreements, and that's ok. I love different perspectives. To think though that one is right or one is wrong is to consider that someone else has less or more knowledge or has been a human as long as Earth as been around... which goes back to the original questions...

"When did we get here? Where did we come from?"

If you know that you have a purpose and that there is no one else in the world like you... b/c if there was there would be no reason for the other, and to know you are as valuable as the people you love the most, and that the world is waiting for you to show up and live out your purpose, that is meaningful. This is something I'd like to be a part of. I am doing what I can on a daily basis to show up.

Sometimes I fall short. Sometimes I have tears of gratitude because I have been able to do just that, my purpose, which is to empower women & Latinas. Any area you are not empowered, is an area where someone else will overpower.

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