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Updated: Oct 6, 2018

Many of you know me very well and I am blessed to know you all personally. I have had at least one conversation with you, of that I am sure.

THE BIG NEWS!!!! … I have left the "traditional" lifestyle of work. I would like to share WHO I AM because I no longer want to hide my TRUE essence from you and many others. I have learned many lessons in my life and am now coming out of my closet! (And NO I still love men! Not that closet.) I notice that I have been holding back who I really am with some of my friendships and those with whom I spend time. This is a disservice to all of us.

I FINALLY know what my Life Purpose is. But before I tell you, I want to share with you a little history …

I remember as a little girl, playing hypnotizing games when I was about 5.  The paranormal has always been BEYOND interesting to me. And from the age of 7 +, when faced with many challenges, my intuition guided me, although never realizing what it was until much older.

As an adult in 2003, I really started working on myself: I started figuring out that there were more people in the world like me, and I had work to do in order to be honest with myself and my Creator. I came to this realization because I was tired of not seeing my dreams come closer, I wanted peace, and I felt depressed, sad, and hopeless. I wanted CHANGE. I finally realized nothing was going to change, unless I did.

My suspicions of being an intuitive were confirmed constantly, when I would make phone calls and different people would say “I was just thinking about you”, I would joke around by saying “it’s because I am psychic”. Ha ha, I still say that now!

I kept myself busy by reading quite a few spiritual books, many of world renowned author & psychic: Sylvia Brown.  In 2005, I had a chance to spend A LOT of time listening to internet radio shows.  I began to listen to motivational speakers, healers, coaches, & spiritual practitioners intently, that were all new to me. And for the first time in my life, I felt like “There are OTHER people in the world like me!” as if I was some sort of secluded species. I could talk to other people about past lives and spirits, what life after death could be like and people would not think I am crazy or going to hell! Which I don’t believe in EITHER! I am not saying this to have you believe what I believe.

I am writing this to let you know that I am coming out as a Magnificent Spiritual Being! Now I FINALLY know what my Life Purpose is. I am a Spiritual Coach, “Angel On Call”, Manifesting Mama, with certifications from Dr. Doreen Virtue as an ANGEL THERAPY PRACTITIONER®, Medium and working on International Public Speaker.

Many of you already know this about me and have CALLED ME for guidance, suggestions, and even an ear to listen to your situations. I have done my best to never judge and be that person to lift your vibration, your energy and lighten up your load. I know NOW that is why I am here on earth. I love helping people. I love to be a friend to help many realize that each of you are not alone in what you are going through – since I, too, have gone through many of the same struggles.

I’ve had many indications and confirmations time and time again that it is not meant for me to be at a 9-5 job. My energy is too intense and my purpose is far too great!

I now work FULL TIME for God/Universe/Goddess and I help you connect to your angels, give positive messages of loving guidance from your angels, lift vibrations so that you know how special of a person, a soul, you really are! I also help you reconnect with loved ones that have passed on from this lifetime.

This has all taken me some time to realize this all for myself. I have been afraid to tell people, to be mocked, and be talked about saying things such as I am working with evil, and/or all those negative comments. I know that God is beautiful and more amazing than I can ever even imagine.

I just want to let you all know that this is who I AM, and this is not just a career!  This is truly a livelihood that only helps me be a better person day by day. I am not perfect and don’t claim to be. I am on this earth to learn lessons just like everyone else. In honoring God and my Life Purpose I am stepping into full-time work as “The Angel on Call”. What I am requesting is for support, in all forms. If you refer me to anybody you know who may be struggling or needs clarity, I would also greatly appreciate that! I pray that each of you have found your destiny or are working towards it, if not I would love to be a resource for you as well! I send you many angels! Love! And may God protect you with the White Light of the Holy Spirit!

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