I am inspired to write this because someone just asked me for help in finding something and I have given this information quite a few times... I hope this helps you.

Hi Beautiful One,

I'm so sorry to hear that you have lost something special....

I will go straight into the solution. I will say, if after you try this and NOTHING happens and it's been longer than you are willing to find, then we might need to do more work around this. One thing is that it might be time to let go. But first things first...

OK, please remember to keep an open mind...

There are angels and nature angels AKA Fairies. Fairies LOVE shiny objects and sweet stuff. They also will grant you ANY wish when you pick up litter on the street or in public places! #TRUTH!

First of all I have already asked the fairies in your house to help you find it.

Just ask them to help you find it and don't give in to the feeling of you lost them... Keep telling yourself "Oh I'll find them right now and I'm so happy"! This step is sooo important!!!!  Because when you freak out and worry more that is a prayer! and it's also telling the Universe/God/Goddess/Creator that you don't trust that you'll find your rings.

Next ask your Fairies:

"Fairies, I'm glad that you like my rings but I would like to wear them now. Thank you Fairies for giving them back."

Then you must let go of the timing! Just KNOW that you will find them... and TRUST! Get happy because they are coming back to you!

Other Things You Can Do to Help Speed Up the Process:

  1. Pick up trash if you see it on the street or on the way to your car in public places! 

  2. Go outside/be in nature/take a walk to lift your spirits and clear your head.

  3. Breathe deeply WHILE you are looking for it as if you can already see them (under a pillow, in the middle of a sofa cushion, etc.)

Give it some time, and TRUST that they will come back to you when the time is right.

Once you are in a calm state of mind, you will be able to retrace your steps with clarity <3

In Love,

Linda Xochitl Avalos aka Ms. Xochi

Good luck! I know you'll find them!

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