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One of the main reasons why we, as humans, find it hard to let go of emotions that no longer serve us, is because we have etherical chords that are still connected to those people and situations that have hurt us.

What is an "etherical chord"?

You know that really special person in your life, that is always depressed, in a bad mood, or angry, etc.; and when you are done talking to this person, you realize you NOW feel depressed, in a bad mood, or angry?!

You might have realized it, you might not have. Sometimes we don't realize these people have an affect on us until years later!!! Sometimes, we don't know how to stop ourselves from having these emotions attached to us. Unfortunately, these people can be family members, our parents, our siblings, our partners, bosses, basically people we cannot just remove from our lives.

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Back to cutting the chords... There are chords of LOVE. Those we attach to people that we love and care for, these chords are NEVER severed. Nonetheless, please keep in mind we can have chords that do not serve us connected to our loved ones just as well as the people we do not see in the same light, such as teachers, the attendant at the store we always go to, people that are not so close but we connect with them often. The chords I am referring to are those of:

  • Fear

  • Relating to Situations that Do not Serve You Anymore

  • Habits that Do Not Serve You Anymore

  • Hurt

So what do you do?

This is when we call on Archangel Michael. Michael means "He who is like God". His energy is one of a royal purple color and he can be called on for:

  • Protection

  • Safety

  • Space Clearing

  • Shielding

  • Travel

  • Fixing anything

  • Cutting CHORDS

  • When in doubt, just call Archangel Michael

If you have seen a picture or statue of Archangel Michael, you might have noticed that he has a sword. This is the sword that he uses to cut these chords of fear!


Sit quietly or lie down. (Preferably right before bed time, but anytime will do just fine). Take 3 three deep breaths and call on Archangel Michael simply by saying something to the effect of "Archangel Michael, please come to my side now and cut/sever/yank/pull any chords of fear and chords that do not serve me any longer." Take 3 more deep breaths (at least). If you are at all clairsentient, you might FEEL, yes FEEL one or more of the following:

  • A tingling sensation anywhere in your body

  • Warmth (like a heating pad)

  • Relief

  • A weight lifted off your chest, or shoulders, or the like

  • You might not feel a thing

If you do NOT feel anything, that is ok as well. That doesn't make you any less than special than who you are! It doesn't mean Archangel Michael isn't working on you! TRUST

Believe that you have angels, because you have at least two!!!! since birth at that!!! Even if you don't believe. Although if you didn't believe, you probably wouldn't be reading this. ;)

I hope this helps you! We can all get rid of that which doesn't serve us anymore. Regardless if you can pinpoint it or not!

Until next time...

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