Accident? or Blessing? What's Your Perception?

June 14, 2014 is one of those days I will never forget, but wish to. Not that it was bad but it’s my choice to have a life incident be a “traumatic event” or a “life lesson.”

I had had my brand new car for a little over 3 months and I just had the worst accident ever. I don’t believe in beating myself up because although the choices I’ve made always are not always “right” but I don’t believe in “wrong,” just different lessons will be learned

I chose to make this be a peaceful event. We were in mercury retrograde and that day was a full moon.

If anything this event made me realize how much more deeper I need to go within and give back. I am in fear. No! "Control Z" that thought! ... I was living in fear. I see now. It’s clear. Life is too short to spend time where I don’t want to be, where I don’t feel comfortable, where there is no more lesson. It is over. I release the belief that I’m not safe, provided for and let go of worry!

I let it go, there is no reason for me to have fear or worry. 80% + of it never comes through anyway!

OK so what now?

Yes I’ll have to go through the motions, my body might be soar for a few days, my insurance will have to go through the motions of figuring out the logistics but if I look at the silver lining… then this means, I GET two NEW CARS in the same year, within 6 months! ha!

I have thrived in my lifetime and continue to survive these challenges. It gets to a point in my life where each major life event that could be traumatic is simply seen (from my eyes) as a lesson. I’ve been through worse!

What is this accident telling me… SLOW DOWN! and by the Grace of God & Miracles I walked away with not even a scratch. No internal damage and also... It's Not my time to go!

Ask Yourself

How can you slow your life down?

Check out my meditation to help you destress, relax & connect with your Higher Power.

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