2012 Lessons & 2013 Intentions

What's in store for 2013? Have you thought about where you will be a year from now? Or what you will be doing? Who you will be around? Emotionally, physically, spiritually, and more. New Year has come and gone and we are now 1 month into the unknown of 2013. Every month has different energy, just like every person has their own. What do you expect from life this year? So many questions and my New Year is my birthday!

I want to share 2 guidelines this year that have helped me so far:

  1. Boundaries: Say no when you REALLY don't want to do something (this doesn't really count at work, they pay you for that!). This could be taking someone to the airport, or going out with people/"Friends" that you really aren't vibing with anymore.

  2. Creativity: What moves you? OK NOW DO IT! What are you passionate about? Do you love to read but can't remember the last time you picked up a book? Do you love to be goofy and can't remember the last time you actually laughed?

They are simple, sweet & to the point. No need for extravagant instructions and rules. Go and create your story!

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