Who's Rooting In Your Corner?

How do you know when you have done the right thing? Especially when it comes to choosing your life purpose? I recently posted a blog and sent an actual email with the same information of me Coming out of the Closet. It talks about me really stepping into my role and how I stumbled upon figuring out what I am supposed to do on this earthly sojourn.

Before I sent this email I had had this revelation and told my parents about it. More so my mother than anybody. I know that in today's day and age, and even in the generations before mine, talking to one's parents is not always the easiest thing. Some children never even have profound conversations with their parents. Mostly it's because of respect or the age difference.

Fortunately in this lifetime I have manifested amazing and supportive parents. I know no one, including myself, is perfect. I strive for perfection at times and often fall very short of it. As a young woman growing up one realizes at different phases in life, that our parents fall short as well.  And that's OK!

I remember as a little girl hearing about an adult falling down. I could not stop laughing!

(Note: The person was not injured) It just seemed so odd and absurd! An adult!? Falling down?! Well I've NEVER! (Remember I was a little girl).

There have many times that I feel my parents have disappointed me, that I have been disillusioned. Perhaps because they didn't get things right the first time, don't know everything that I want them to know, don't know how to act, or don't say what I want to hear. That's the reality a child goes through at some point in their lives when it comes to their parents. It's a bit life altering, some events more challenging than others.  So I understand and know what it feels like to want to blame my parents for many things gone wrong in my life. Key Words are "Want to blame".

The truth is, I do not blame my parents for anything. Everything happens exactly as it was meant to happen. And that in itself is perfection. Knowing that my parents in this lifetime are a blessing, I give thanks. I am grateful because not many parents are even around their children's lives as adults. I am grateful because my parents actually tell me they love me, often! Yes, I know, I am blessed! and I am truly grateful.

So why this blog? Why this rant about parents and how mine are so supportive? It's important to have people surround you that are supportive. If they are not parents, they can be aunts, uncles, siblings, cousins, neighbors, friends, colleagues, co+workers, children, and the like, the point is to have a SUPPORT group. Who is it that you hang out with, spend most of your time with? To whom do you go for advice? A shoulder to cry on? A helping hand? Or when you need a nice swift kick in the ***!?

To whom do you describe your dreams? Who listens to your goals? Who believes in you? EVEN when You have lost faith in yourself?

Luckily for me my parents believe in me. They might not have always known what exactly I do, or what my plan is but their unconditional love has shined through.

It's the moment when: after I tell my mom my aspirations, she tells me that her life has changed because of what I have taught her. That moment, those words alone, besides bringing tears to my eyes, really confirmed why I am here.

Of course there are other people in my life, but today, for whom are you grateful? Observe the people around you and make sure that you have a team of cheerleaders! and if you don't, then FIND Your PEOPLE! You do have your angels! You can ask your Angels to help you connect with amazing, loving, honest, (put your own adjectives in), ..... supportive people. ***REMEMBER***: You can always start with yourself!

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