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In The Jungle...

Just came back from the jungle, an adventure I had no idea I'd be experiencing. It wasn’t planned.

I felt that intuitive pull, the kind you feel when your soul tugs on your heartstrings.

It turns out it was more of a retreat and waayyyy more spiritual than I anticipated, which for me, is up my alley! It is part of my 'why'.

I stayed in the tropical forest of Cancun, approximately 5 miles from Playa Del Carmen, let’s call it a spiritual retreat center. Apparently this place was built by Rajneesh, Netflix has a documentary about the this movement/cult/spiritual group (depends on your take).

In this time, I got to experience life. I had nature all around me.

As I'm on the plane ride leaving the jungle to come back to my already travel filled life, I'm wondering, have I changed? Can 2 days change me?

5 seconds can change a person, or less. I know this. So I contemplate, 'how have I changed?'

For 1, I've already posted and I rarely post and 2, I'm already writing again, this post.

There was Aztec (maybe Mayan) dancing with fire, 2 guys that lit up the dance floor with water, music and drumming, zip lining, swimming in the purest of waters, a gecko 🦎 sleeping in my room which gratefully kept me from spider and mosquito bites, a bathroom floor that flooded when I showered, birds that I swear taunted me with their songs just to make me acknowledge them and smile while responding 'I hear you', workout & yoga under a palapa still early enough to make our sun salutations to the actual sunrise, ants as big as my entire fingernails, humidity that had me showering twice a day (if you know me, you know I'm not an everyday bather), daily walks that were over 2 miles just to go back and forth from my cone, vegetarian only food, roads for about 5 miles that are full of potholes so we could only travel 5 to 7 mph, a shamanic ceremony to release the old and obstacles to welcome and bring in love and all my heart's desires... And may I repeat I was only there for 2 of the 5 days.

So I am again asking the question that has me writing this, to share it with you, my reader... Have I changed?

I don't think I can ever be the same after all this. No one can. New experiences and adventures bring out more authenticity within ourselves.

I found myself still acting the same way I do at events. I usually stick to talking to the people I know. This time I did that and while trusting that whomever I'm meant to connect with will cross my path, I also connected with amazing humans that are inspired and taking action. Everyone there was there on purpose for me, for others, for each other, for themselves, and for humanity.

The entanglements continue to ravel and unravel... On this travel.

I will stay aware of how else I might have changed. At the end of the day, I'm grateful. Grateful for how spontaneous this trip came about... (I was invited and landed 15 hours later), for the people, universe, food (always food), the host, event planners, speakers, cooks and so much more.

Next time you feel an intuitive pull, take a moment to acknowledge it, and give yourself permission to receive.

This lesson, one of the many, is to receive. Be open to receiving what is meant for me, for you.

What is meant for you? What is meant for you that you haven't given yourself permission, maybe ever or maybe recently, to explore?

Because when all is said and done, if it's meant for you, it'll come to you, and there's nothing you can do except not show up.

I've heard 80% to 90% of success is showing up. When there’s an opportunity, there’s a choice to stay in the current lessons or to explore new lessons. There is no right nor wrong, just different lessons to learn in life.

I believe in living intentionally. If you're open, the universe will align you and what is meant for you.

My Journey. My Story.©

P.S. For Videos and Pics Of My Experience: Insta Reel 1 and Insta Reel 2