“Numbers are the Universal language

offered by the deity to humans

as confirmation of the truth”


St. Augustine of Hippo

Numerology will help you understand your life. It will also help you figure out who you are, how you show up, and the people you interact with in all areas of life.  


If you’re interested in discovering more about you, want to find out your compatibility with partner’s, siblings, ex’s, parent’s, children, coworkers, bosses, any relationship that has an impact on your daily life then book a session now.


Here are some benefits You May Experience:

  • Know Yourself:

    • Choose your own time

    • Set life goals

    • How people perceive you

  • Health & Wellness:

    • Mental clarity

    • Choose important dates for medical procedures

  • Travel:

    • Plan vacations in cities that are best for you

    • Choose best times, days and flights when traveling

  • Relationships:

    • Figure out who to keep close in your life

    • Avoid bad relationships

    • End relationships in perfect timing

    • Better communication

  • Career:

    • Clarity

    • Advancement

    • Goals

    • Attract clients instead of chasing them



  • $97/package

  • $160 for both


In order to have a successful and accurate reading, I will need the following:

  1. Payment submission

  2. Your first, middle & last name you go by

    1. NOTE* Include your birth certificate name and/or your legal name if there are any variations (if you changed your name legally and/or after marriage).

  3. D.O.B. The date you were born

You will receive your analysis via email within 3 to 5 days.

Ready to get started?




Love & Affluence, 

Linda Xochitl Avalos​ 

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