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"Transform My Life"

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  1. Forty (40) weeks  or

  2. One (1) session per month


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  • Grounded in your spirituality to balance your mental & emotional roller coasters


  • Communicating effectively in Relationships  

  • Managing your Finances instead of avoiding your credit score, budget & savings... for another year!


  • Dissolving Emotional Baggage


  • And More!

A Year of Spiritual Guidance

Receive an inspiring weekly message & 1 email per month of divine guidance, which will consist of AngelTherapy, Numerology, Astrology, and/or more metaphysical modalities to inspire, uplift, shift any negative energy out so you can manifest your heart's desires.


Love & Affluence,

Linda Xochitl Avalos

Empowering Latinas & Young Women
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"The Life You've Seen

Is Not the One

You Have to Live"

Linda X. Avalos


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