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Dear Mom , Dear Dad...

Does Your Daughter...

Know Everything?

Listen to Everyone Else?

Text Way too much?

If your daughter has resorted to texting more than talking to you...  after a short conversation you know she’s holding back when she used to tell you everything... 

If this distance in your relationship makes getting close to her feel like a struggle.

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How you handle this part of your teen’s life has the potential to not only increase the trust and connection needed for a powerful relationship with

What if this teenage phase is not the beginning of a dreaded and overdrawn drama scene, but instead a great father+daughter, or mother+daughter relationship?

daughter, but gets your teen to communicate her worst fears and biggest dreams giving her the confidence to take action and turn them into reality.

I hope you’ll download this special guide where you’ll learn:


  • How to build your daughter's confidence


  • The #1 most important thing you must cultivate so your daughter respects you


  • Mindset shifts to encourage your daughter to take inspired action


  • The 2 most important factors that shape's your daughter's identity


  • Linda's 3 Step System to get your daughter to open up to you again


  • And so much more...


If you want your daughter to come to you with problems and seek advice from someone who has decades of knowledge instead of peers that can influence her towards a negative path for lack of experiences, then ... 

Don’t miss out on this groundbreaking FREE guide, where you’ll get both the tools and the transformation you need to get beyond the walls your daughter puts up.


Instead of pushing her away, this guide will help you break those walls with love. begin to create a stronger bond with your daughter immediately. What do you have to lose?


How Much Time Do You Have Left Until Your Daughter turns 18?


Love & Affluence, 

Linda Xochitl Avalos​ 

Empowering Women & Latinas

Human Behavior Specialist | Inspirational Speaker | Consultant | Author

Hablo Español

Your Daughter. Her Voice. Our Future.©

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