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How Much Do You Charge Linda?

The Demartini Method® is the culmination of over 43 years of human behavioral research and 28 years of actual practical application or facilitation extending to clients of all ages, cultures and educational or vocational backgrounds.

The Demartini Method® will be facilitated for the purpose of balancing out any subjectively distorted perspectives, unrealistic expectations, imbalanced perceptions, or polarized emotions so as to reduce stress, resolve internal or external conflicts and assist in empowering and appreciating life.

The Demartini Method®, developed by Dr. John Demartini, is a scientific method that balances perceptions and emotions. It is being used professionally by many psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, educators, consultants, coaches, minsters, rabbis, business leaders and health professionals throughout the world. The Demartini Method®, is a tool with 1000 uses for empowering and inspiring life; and its applications include: reducing stress, resolving conflict and creating new perspective and paradigms for a more fulfilling life. 


As a professionally trained facilitator of The Demartini Method®, I would love to inform you in advance that I do not diagnose or treat disease*, prescribe drugs, provide therapy or solve legal problems. Therefore, I am not here to take the place of your doctor, therapist, or lawyer. I am simply here to offer you a new and more profound way of perceiving your life. I will provide you with leading+edge transformational methodology that can hep you create significant changes in your perceptions and attitude towards, and actions in, life. I am also here to help you learn how to change most any distressful situation you might encounter in a more fulfilling condition or experience. The result will be that you will learn how to experience more moments of gratitude, love, certainty and presence in your life. If you were recently or are presently under any form of psychiatric care, psychological therapy, specialized medical supervision, or under the influence of any form of medication, please inform me in advance for special questioning and instructions.


Linda Xochitl Avalos
Demartini Method® Facilitator


*I refer individuals who desire such treatment for physical or emotional disease, disorder or illness to other qualified specialists.

I, Linda Xochitl Avalos, a Demartini Method® facilitator will ask YOU, my client:

  • A systematic pre+determined series of questions directed towards the objective of bringing their client to a state of full consciousness and a momentary state of equanimity, presence and certainty, and to there physical body a momentary feeling of gratitude and unconditional love.

    • These questions will assist in neutralizing emotional charges and balancing mental and physical reactions thereby helping YOU open YOUR heart, clear YOUR mind and bring wellness to YOUR body.

  • To undergo a continuous thinking process and writing action repeated over a course of time that results in a resolution of dis+equilibrated perceptions, thereby assisting YOU in discovering the underlying order governing YOUR apparent daily chaos.


Each individual or prospective client is not to be pressured or unduly influenced to apply The Demartini Method®.

This varies with each Demartini Method® facilitator and each client’s concern, state of mind, or circumstance. 

Each individual or prospective client is to be allowed to ask questions concerning any recommended application(s) of The Demartini Method®.

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